Padco's Woven Pro-Finish roller covers are shed resistant and perfect for use with solvent and water based coatings, including new formulations of low VOC finishes. These fine fibered rollers are available in 9" and 18" sizes. Padco Pro-Finish rollers apply a streak and lint-free finish every time.

Padco Pro-Finish roller covers are excellent for use on all hardwood, cement, tile, vinyl and terrazzo surfaces. Great for use with all finishes, stains, epoxies, paints, sealers and waxes.

Pro-Finish Roller Refills
Padco Pro-Finish woven roller covers are designed for use with solvent and waterborne finishes as well as today's low VOC coatings. Perfect for use with floor finishes, sealers, paints, stains, epoxies and waxes. Padco Pro-Finish rollers provide a streak-free, lint-free, application on hardwood, cement, vinyl, tile, and terrazzo surfaces.

6405 Pro-Finish Roller Refill, Woven 9", 1/4" nap (12 pack)
6406 Pro-Finish Roller Refill, Woven 9", 3/8" nap (12 pack)
6407 Pro-Finish Roller Refill, Woven 18", 1/4" nap (6 pack)
6408 Pro-Finish Roller Refill, Woven 18", 3/8" nap (6 pack)

Pro-Finish Roller with Yoke Frame & Extension Pole

Yoke style roller frames with center mounted handle for even coverage. Telescopic handle extends from 3 1/2' to 6 1/2'. Top quality woven roller cover for a fast, lint-free finish. Uses standard 9" refills.

6403 Pro-Finish Roller 9" x 1/4" nap, with pole (8 pack)
6404 Pro-Finish Roller 9" x 3/8" nap, with pole (8 pack)

Floor Coater Roller Frame

Frame fits 9" Pro-Finish Roller Refills.
Handle fits extension pole.

3879 Floor Coater Roller Frame 9" (12 pack)

Adjustable Roller Frame

Ajustable metal roller frame accepts 12" - 18" roller covers. The roller frame also adjusts to attach varied width extension poles.

6409 Adjustable Roller Frame 12" - 18" (6 pack)

Replacement End Caps

Replacement end caps for Item 6409.

6410 Replacement End Caps - 2 Pack (12 per carton)

Molded Roller Tray

Deep well, high capacity solvent resistant tray.
Use with rollers up to 9 1/2".

3601 Molded Roller Tray 11", Black - for 9" rollers (12 pack)

Roller Tray

Made from heavy gage vacuum formed solvent resistant PET plastic.
Use with applicators up to 18".

6400 Roller Tray 22", Black - for 18" rollers (6 pack)

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