Wood Block Applicators

Lambskin or Nylfoam Pads



In response to numerous customer requests. Padco now offers a full line of top quality wood blocks and refill pads. Many contractors prefer the convenience of this traditional style of applicator.

Our genuine lambskin and flocked Nylfoam® pads are produced to exacting standards, assuring a smooth and virtually lint-free finish. Our blocks are crafted from quality hardwoods. These applicators are available in a full range of sizes from 10" to 18".


Wood Block Applicator with Nylfoam Pads

Wood Block Applicator Refills

Flocked Nylfoam Floor Pad Refill

Flocked Nylfoam® Floor Pad Refills

Developed for use with today's environmentally sound waterborne finishes, Padco's Nylfoam floor finish applicators also produce superior results with many mild solvent coatings. Nylfoam applicators lay down a smooth, lint free finish, virtually eliminating streaks and bubbles.

6350 Floor Pad Refill Nylfoam® 10", 12 pack
6352 Floor Pad Refill Nylfoam® 12", 12 pack
6354 Floor Pad Refill Nylfoam® 14", 12 pack
6356 Floor Pad Refill Nylfoam® 16", 12 pack
6358 Floor Pad Refill Nylfoam® 18", 12 pack

6017 Floor Pad Refill EZ™ Way Applicator 24 3/4" x 8", 12 pack

Genuine Lambskin Floor Pad Refills

Padco genuine lambskin applicators are specially treated and tanned for the application of oil based finishes. Our special process guarantees maximum pickup and delivery of solvent based coatings. We use only premium quality, plush 3/4" pile to insure shed and lint free application. Use these top quality applicators wherever the finish manufacturer recommends genuine lambskin.

6314 Floor Pad Refill Lambskin 10", 12 pack
6316 Floor Pad Refill Lambskin 12", 12 pack
6318 Floor Pad Refill Lambskin 14", 12 pack
6320 Floor Pad Refill Lambskin 16", 12 pack
6322 Floor Pad Refill Lambskin 18", 12 pack

Genuine Lambskin Floor Pad Refill

Wood Blocks

Padco Wood Blocks

Crafted from premium, clear hardwoods, our block applicators accept all standard acme threaded extension poles. Metal fasteners are plated to resist corrosion.

6326 Wood Block 10", 12 pack
6328 Wood Block 12", 12 pack
6330 Wood Block 14", 12 pack
6332 Wood Block 16", 12 pack
6334 Wood Block 18", 12 pack

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